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Women's Summer Festival 2019!

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Encouraging women to join outdoor sports of every kind, creating a sports community, bringing women closer to outdoor sports´ innovations and having fun together.

That was the Women Summer Festival 2019! & we had the chance to be part of it thank to Garmont.

The festival took place in Ehrwald, a village surrounded by mountains located at the bottom of the Zugspitz Arena. The ideal place to enjoy nature and mountain sports at its most! There is certainly an option for every age, preference and level.

Powered by @GarmontBoots and @SportingWomen, we had the pleasure to be part of the extensive program offered by the Festival: A sunrise hike, canyoning, mountain biking but also enjoying a massage at the festival area after a day full of activities. Well, we have to confess we also went partying a bit at night, but hey, a little party ain’t kill nobody, right ;)

The weekend allowed us to step out of our comfort zone, push ourselves, support each other and relax at the same time. From planning the activities together with other girls, to motivating ourselves to go outside even though a heavy rainfall gave everything to lock us inside and swiping each other of one’s feet at the festival’s tent dancefloor.

Life happens outside your comfort zone they say. Well, no one ever said you have to be outside it by yourself.

It is exciting to see so many girls and women out there, leveling up and loving outdoor sports. Seeing the evolution towards a more equal participation in outdoor sports in terms of gender is definitely a great success! Women can do it. Women have the power. Women support each other to achieving their goals in outdoor sports. Empowering events like this help promoting such values.

Sounds like fun to you? Be part of next year’s Women’s Summer Festival – we will keep you updated on the dates!

This is a summary in pictures from Jessica Zumpfe of the outdoor activities we did!

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