Do you want to own something that reminds you and the people around you where you belong? Who you are and why you are that way?

We have created small OutdoorChicks Collection for you, your friends, boyfriend or parents. Great as reminder, present or idea to show support. Do you like some of our stuff or do you have an idea for another small item, let us know!


1. Scroll through our shop and check out which item has a vibe for you

2. After you have decided, drop us an email at with the following info:

- Name of the Item

- Quantity

- Choice of Delivery

    a) Pick up in Innsbruck (free)

    b) Personal delivery within Innsbruck (3Eur) 

    c) Delivery International (3Eur) Orders over 20 Eur for free

3. You will get an email confirmation that we have received your order with invoice

4. We deliver and you enjoy your order, bond and use it!


OutdoorChicks x Buff Original neck warmer will keep you warm during cold nights and days.

Bundle 1

Combination of Buff Neckwarmer and Necklace


OutdoorChicks x Fusakle socks will keep your beautiful feet warm and stylish. Türkis / White


Our Necklace represents the style that you deserve. Black & Silber colors are available.