OutdoorChicks x Fusakle socks will keep your beautiful feet warm
and stylish. Never again feel weird to get your feet out on the couch
while on the date of a friend’s party. These socks help you to define
yourself and the motto: We do not;t want to belong to the crowd. We
want to be different, but still ourselves.

 90% Cotton for a comfortable and pleasant feeling all-day
 8 % Polyamide is construction “stone” socks, which keeps the
shape and form of the sock even after several wear
 2% Elastane just tightens the sock so that it does not stand up and
naturally clings to the foot.
 Made in Slovakia with Love
 Allow you to be yourself
 Doesn´t stink after first wear (but still wash it some time please)
 2 colors: tiffany blue vs black/white

 Only one Size 36-40 


Price: 10 Eur