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Bring more girls outside!


There's this forgotten thing called balance. In life, and in all that we do, we aim to help girls find more balance through fun.


Whether its people we work with or people we do not know, we value honesty, passion and the desire to explore.


Something to behold; Elegant and Bold. Electricity - Running to our soul.


Girls, who just happen
to fall in love
with outdoors - for life



We are not!

We don’t want to focus only on riding steepest faces, discovering hidden places, biking the hardest trails or climbing the highest peaks, but rather on connecting females with a genuine passion for outdoor sports and love for nature. So that's why we are not any different than you. We are not professional athletes, not hottest top models (although we are pretty sexy in our own way) or too cool to be true. We are just who we are, passionate ladies who found a way of life in nature and outdoor sport. Just like you, we love to eat a lot of chocolate, we are grumpy before we get our period, we are super lazy to get up at many points and….But the difference is, we have each other. That why is not us and you - it's us together Because we believe that reason you are here, is that you OutdoorChick as much as we are.


We think that reason you are here because you know what you want! You love action, adventure and nature. It doesn’t matter where you are or which sport you love doing. It doesn’t matter that you may be slower or weaker than your boyfriend because we are all the same out there. Together we can play, create, dream and be there for each other and change the global perception of women in outdoors.

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