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7 reasons why you want to start kitesurfing in 2020

Surfing vibes

Kitesurfers are super chilled, open, friendly and super helpful. They appear to have their own mantra: kite, eat, sleep, repeat. You will be welcomed with a big smile at the beach and there is always a helping hand if you need it, The other kite girls will cheer for you on the water and make sure youre having fun.

Full body workout

You don’t need to spend all your time in the fitness studio to work on your bikini body. Just put on your bikini, get your body to the beach and take a kite lesson. Kiting is a full body workout and it doesn’t feel like one (well….maybe sometimes)

Beauty makeover

Start kiting and you’ll fit right in with the other kite babes on the sand. Salty beach hair, a sun kissed tan and a fit body as well as a clear and calm mind. Kiting makes you beautiful from the inside out and you will feel great after each and every session. 

Healthy lifestyle

Doing sport outside all day long, being in nature, eating fresh fish or tropical fruits is the perfect anti-aging mix to keep your body healthy.

Boosts your confidence

Being a kitesurfer gives you this natural rock chick vibrancy. With learning a skill comes confidence and accomplishment. You’re now able to play around with wind, water and boost your confidence automatically. And let's be honest, kitesurfing is much more fun than going to the gym.

For everybody

You don’t need to be an athlete to kitesurf. It’s a myth that you need a lot of force to hold and steer the kite. Kite control needs patience, sensation and technique. That’s by the way why most women learn much faster than men. You can pick up kitesurfing a lot faster than many of the other watersports and because we have patience on the water, we are able to pick it up quickly.

Very addictive

Once you managed to ride a few meters above the surface you won’t want to stop. Kitesurfing is really addictive. When you get home from a kitesurfing holiday, you will have already planned your next trip, we promise.

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