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Why do I love being outdoors? One question - countless reasons.

Of course, sitting inside, watching Netflix all day, eating pizza, cookies and ice-cream feel great - at least for a bit until the bad conscious settles in. However, there is something that makes at least me feel a lot better:

Being outside.

It inspires and motivates me to explore more and more each day. When someone asks: Why do you love being outdoors so much, there is no single answer I can give him - there are countless answers and reasons.

To give you a shortcut, here are 5 reasons why you should fall in love with the outdoors as well:

1. You don’t need millions to live like a millionaire

2. You can ditch the pajamas

3. It’s never been easier to carry booze into the woods

4. Hiking makes your butt look fierce

5. It is a reminder that you are not infinite


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