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Outdoorchicks x Adidas Terrex Workshop

Mission: Adidas Terrex wants to empower women on the way to their goals -

on the mountain and in everyday life! And OutdoorChicks was there! :)

Adidas Terrex Workshop "Design your life"

Last year we have been invited to join a bunch of motivated girls from various communities to enhance our design thinking and find what moves us.

adidas Terrex has decided to celebrate the launch of its new Swift R3 hiking shoe with an extraordinary workshop on the subject of “Design your life”: An exclusive weekend invitational in the Ötztal amid a group of like-minded outdoor athletes. The concept: hiking in an alpine setting meets coaching meets design thinking. Discover what's inside you! Unfortunately due to COVID - the workshop took place online but it still had a lot to offer and help many motivated women to discover what moves them!

What it was about?

And we know you may question yourself: what do hiking shoes and outdoor sports have to do with decisions in private or professional life? Well, a lot, because questions like

“What's my next step?"

"In which direction should I go?

"How do I achieve my goals?"

We all know this kind of situation in life - where we stand at crossroads and don´t know what is the right way to approach.

The Adidas Terrex “Design your life” workshop was about making good decisions over a weekend - on the mountain as well as in private and work life. We stick to the idea of ​​“Design Thinking”. Design thinking is a set of methods that helps to find creative solutions to complex problems. At the end of the weekend we had a different view - and perhaps look at your own life from new perspectives and actively (re) design it.

Adidas Terrex is an athletic brand made for the outdoors. The company’s founder, Adi Dassler, started out by designing equipment solutions for athletes that improved their performance. The Adidas TERREX sportswear range features advanced breathable waterproofing technology, making it the perfect trail mate for any outdoor adventurer.

Have you already checked out the new collection? Beautiful colors with great functionality for all your outdoor adventures. Because "No adventure is like the next. With the Adidas TERREX collection, you are prepared for anything."


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