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Why Billabong is not cool anymore?!

For the first time ever, women were allowed to compete in the WSL/SOL’s Big Wave, Puerto Escondido Cup. Ballito Pro surfing competition organized by Billabong for surfers come under fire for gender inequality. Do you want to know why? Check out this picture.

Poor Zoe looks like she is wondering why her effort is only worth half of Rio's. Billabong consider that think it is OK to value girls less than the boys. Zoe was awarded half the prize money that Rio won. Same competition, same waves, same rules. Billabong did not expect this to be an issue, however people think otherwise. Read more on Facebook.

One would think that we are passed those times, but well there is still that much to do! We are not saying women are better, we never did. Even with what we do for OutdoorChicks - there has never been doubt that we need those awesome men, who push us to go beyond, train with us and believe in us. Being feminist does not mean believing one gender is better than another. Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. It is clear, this is not that easy and the problem is way more complex that we can imagine, however there is something we have to do about this.

It is not about who is better or worse or some kinda a expectations or Feminism, is about example we set for our daughters and the message this sends to our sons.



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