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Outdoor Chicks movie hits the big screen

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Outdoor Chicks Movie
Outdoor Chicks at the 2019 Shades of Winter FilmFest

Outdoor Chicks are passionate ladies who have found a way of life in nature and outdoor sport. And that’s what the new film “Wild at Heart” is all about!

"We don’t want to focus only on riding steepest faces, discovering hidden places, biking the hardest trails or climbing the highest peaks, but rather on connecting and showcasing females with a genuine passion for outdoor sports and love for nature. So that’s why we are not any different than you."

Last month, the Shades of Winter Filmfest landed in Innsbruck once again. But this year was a little different because the very first Outdoor Chicks movie “Wild at Heart” was among the action-packed line-up!

How did the Outdoor Chicks movie come about?

The Outdoor Chicks community is about enjoying sports together, so when the crew was approached by movie producer Rado Kapralcik to make a film, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to show the world what we’re all about. And possibly bring even more female sports enthusiasts together!

The idea behind the Outdoor Chicks film is simple: Even if you’re not an elite athlete. And you can still be in a cool movie ;)

Society is always pushing us to excel and be the best. But it’s also fine to do just things you enjoy and have fun. Like most things in life, the biggest challenge is finding the time to fit everything in. We all have commitments: work, school, family.

And that was the biggest challenge for the crew involved in shooting the movie. However, if you're passionate enough, you'll always find the time. As proof, check out the 6-minute trailer below!

Outdoor Chicks at the Shades of Winter Event

So, what is an Outdoor Chick? Asked Austrian freeskier and host of the event Sandra Lahnsteiner as some of the Outdoor Chicks crew stood on stage, super excited and ready to field her questions after the movie had finished playing at the Metropol Kino in Innsbruck.

Since outdoor Chicks is not about one person, there wasn’t just one individual in the spotlight. But the same answer rang true for all of us:

We’re not professional athletes. But sports is still who we are and what we love. And everyone is welcome (Yes, I’m looking at you!). We love skiing, biking, surfing, hiking, trail running, paragliding, and these are just some of the sports that are bringing the community together.

And when Lahnsteiner turned to the audience and asked: Are there any Outdoor Chicks in here tonight? Loud cheers erupted from the full house of spectators at Metropol Kino.

About Outdoor Chicks (In case you don’t already know us!)

There are no limitations, requirements, or criteria when it comes to Outdoor Chicks. We embrace all personalities, genders, ages. Yes, guys, you can join us too!

And there are certainly no limitations on which sports you can get involved in or bring to the community!

If you’re interested in ballet, tennis, swimming, snowshoeing, hiking, ski touring, or even just taking a stroll in the park, Outdoor Chicks can help you find other women to share your love of sport with.

More to come...

The 6-minute prelude is just the start. So, if you’re interested in taking part in the full-length movie, drop us a line ( Just tell us what sports you like to do and why you would like to be involved in the film.

Or why not grab some fellow Outdoor Chicks and head to the mountains to make your own movie :)


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