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Hanging out with the Shades of Winter crew

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Last week on Thursday evening, a few of us Outdoor Chicks had the pleasure of hanging out with stars of the latest set of epic Shades of Winter films. Five of these amazing ladies joined us in Montagu for a beer and a chat before the premiere in Innsbruck — their final stop on the FilmFest tour.

The all-female guests of honour included Sandra Lahnsteiner (Austria), Janina Kuzma (New Zealand), Lorraine Huber (Austria), Caja Schöpf (Germany), and Zoya Lynch (Canada). These world-class athletes come from totally different backgrounds but all of them have travelled, skied, mountain biked, surfed, you name it, all over the world, including Alaska, Austria, Canada, Hawaii, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland.


As we chilled on the couches in Montagu, Sandra and the others filled us in on how the movies came about, what inspires them, and what they plan to do next. Of course, the highlight of the evening was hearing about the inspiration behind the Shades of Winter operation, which was created by professional freeskier and now film maker and entrepreneur, Sandra Lahnsteiner. Sandra exudes energy and enthusiasm for both skiing and supporting women. She is a dedicated skier and her mindset and enthusiasm are both courageous and contagious. And it comes through in the films.

In 2010, tired of the male-dominated ski film industry, Sandra decided to release the first ever all-female ski film. At the time, she didn’t know what she was getting herself into, she recanted, but her hard work has clearly paid off. This latest set of films are top notch and a credit to Sandra and the rest of the female athletes. And it will be exciting to see what comes out of this top-notch production company next!

Shades of Winter is about more than just the awesome skills of these hardcore chicks, which are totally undeniable. The short films are about connecting with people and environments, making new friends, and sharing a common interest — the love of sports and the mountains.

Together is better! @zoyalynch

A big thanks to Sandra and the rest of the crew for their time and amazing company for the evening. I think it’s safe to say that everyone had an excellent night and after hearing about their adventures, I know I personally can’t wait to start shredding up the mountain this winter.

Shades of Winter also runs freeride camps where women from all over the world can connect, get inspired and empower each other! Learn more on their website.

Photos courtesy of Zoya Lynch Photography.


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