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Outdoorchicks Go Garda

I don´t do group-trips... But when I do, then it is with 6 fun, outdoor-motivated girls with big smiles, adventurous hearts and lot of crazy ideas. Happy to call them my good friends and to spend with them one amazing weekend in May in Italy. Since we all already belong to „working class heroes“, this trip was not as spontaneously planned as we would like to, but at least already from February we could start looking forward!

We „officially“ opened this prolonged weekend with another amazing yoga session hold by Paya /Outdoorchicks yoga ambassador/ in Innsbrucker Hofgarten.  So nicely relaxed & shanti,we drove in a sunny afternoon direction Lago di Garda / Riva del Garda.

„Building our houses“ requires sufficient amount of energy and effort and therefore, before we have even started, we made our way first to Italian grocery . We bought everything we have believed looks „very Italian“ for first romantic camp dinner. Wine, cheese, olives & of course crunchy fresh bread (#carbsareourfriends). Since we are not camping for the first time, tents were ready quite fast and the better part could start- dinner timee. In summary, we have eaten and drunk enough the first night to have enough energy for next outdoor/day.

Good thing about camping is that there is no time for long sleeping (with no offense to long-sleepers:D) and so the day feels(and also is) longer. Usually one is awake already with first singing birds and sound of first surfers going for morning session into the lake. Our morning session looked little different but still thrilling!

Brush teeth, wash face, breakfast, pack backpacks .... and we are on the way for... CAPPUCINO and CROISSANT :D how could we start something outdoorsy in Italy without this part. The smell of fresh coffee, in the background oldies-music and sun on our face. Perfect start of the day.

Northern part of Garda lake has numerous & numerous opportunities for satisfying all outdoor souls. From biking through climbing to hiking. Our female-driven democratic decision within group was made for via-ferrata action. Since our level of experience within this activity was not the same, we have selected to do enjoyable Feratta Rio Sallagoni instead of long but stunning Via dell' Amicizia.

Climbing through magical gorge, underneath flowing water and our constant giggling echoing in this hidden paradise. Superb escape from hot summer day! Great thing about this via-ferrata is that although it is not hard or challenging one, its definitely not boring. It offers such nature-fascinating views and fun-passages. At the end you appear just next to the Dro castle (much better way to get there compared to driving up in a long snake-traffic). Way down to car is easy and leads through nice off-road path through forest. Arco town, which is on the way back to Riva, is worth to stop and spend some time in. Full of sport-shops, cool small coffee-places ..and more importantly ICE-CREAM shops.

Returning back to our camp, we still had some time to have some proper chill-time on Riva beach . The braver one got into water with paddle board and mat..the others trained yoga and massaging. I would call it proper „ regeneration“  ! :D

I am not going to write about all the delicious food and wine we have still consumed that evening because that would then be part of a different blog. But I do highlight that we all love Italian food and down there we were holding a proper pizzapastadiet! We were so lucky to have „on board“ with us 2 outdoorchick-doctors who gave us on

Sunday brief but valuable first-aid course to refresh our knowledge of  what actions to take in critical situations where someones life can be at risk. I mean everyone of us has definitely done such a course before however,for most of us it was long time ago and therefore this timing was perfect.

Because what is more important than to know how to save someones life?

​Jump to water, jump to groceries (everyone needs home „originalo parmezano“ or?), last coffee, last pizza and we are ready to head back with big smiles, satisfied stomachs, slight tan but mainly with great memories from this outdoor chick weekend at Garda. Soon to be continued ...Thanks girls!

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