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From Passion to Progression (hopefully...)

I often ask myself:

Am I good enough? Will I be able to manage my passion for sports, a family and a job at the same time in the future? A lot of women have done it before, however, I desire not only to have any job, but one in a leading position in the sports industry. Then the question arises again... Am I good enough to compete with all these men in this highly competitive environment and mainly male dominated area? I notice it every day when I practice sports of any kind with my friends: men are usually stronger and faster, but this does not stop me from pursuing my dream - and neither should it stop you!

Why? Look at these facts:

1. While men outnumber women in sports administration roles, females are quickly moving into higher positions in the industry.

2. Today about 30 – 40 % of students in sport management programs are women.

Nevertheless, there are still gaps that need to be closed...

1. Los Angeles broadcast affiliates only devote 3.2% of airtime to women’s sports–down from 5% in 1989.

2. Paltry salaries and scarcer endorsement dollars mean that women may need to hold other jobs in addition to their sport to make ends meet.

I personally have practiced sports my entire life and wish nothing more than to include this passion in my future work life in a way. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible, but that women are in a weaker position.

OutdoorChicks wants to inform, help and educate on this topic. We aim to connect women of all kinds and impact their personal and professional life in the future. Therefore, we have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!

OutdoorChicks will be hosting its first FEMALE SPORTS FESTIVAL on June 9th in Innsbruck - stay tuned for more information!


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