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Free as a bird - women take the mountain bike world by storm

Over the past 15 years there has been a tremendous change in the sport of mountain biking. New technologies, gear and unknown destinations have been discovered. All that has opened new doors for the sport itself. And now, guess what? On top of that is the women's mountain bike community, which has seen a big growth. With more women hitting the trails, entering races and starting up their own community mountain bike clubs, it's no surprise that women are  taking the mountain bike world by storm!  

Here are some signs that women's mountain biking is on the rise and reasons why YOU should definitely join this movement:

1. Mountain bike companies have realized the women’s market is growing and there is a high demand for bikes that complement our body shape and type.

2. Look around the trailhead - you are guaranteed to see female riders getting ready to shred. If you’re new to the sport, don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with a fellow female rider for tips and trail recommendations.

3. The best thing about mountain biking is the community. Mountain bikers bring passion, determination and camaraderie to the trail.

4. With more women hitting the trails - you are bound to hear more laughter and enthusiastic “Yahoos!” out on the trail. We have fun, we laugh at ourselves, we are humble, determined, focused, and love a good trailside chat. Most of all - we support each other, cheer each other on and appreciate breaking a good sweat.

5. Many communities have women specific mountain bike clubs. Can’t find a women’s club in your area? Think about starting one!

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