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What a perfect winter weekend!

What does the perfect winter weekend in the backcountry look like?

Finally it's Saturday. You had a pretty hard week at work and it was dumping almost the whole week.

While others have already been enjoying tons of powder, it's finally your turn!

In the evening you have already been preparing your skis and your gear. In the morning you grap a coffee and some porridge and you're ready to go. You get into the car, pick up

your friends. Some of them you are going to meet at the mountain.

After a short car ride your finally at the place of your desire. It's still snowing and your heart is starting to beat faster and faster. After you've made it up the mountain with the gondola you get to touch that white gold you've been dreaming the whole week!

It's fluffy. It's perfect!

You can't stop smiling, every turn is so worth it.

It's noon now.

It stopped snowing, the sun comes out and it looks like you even will get a blue bird run. For the final run you decide to pack your skis onto your backpack and hike up a few more meters for the perfect powder run. And finally you made it. You made it up to the peak, the sky is blue now, the snow untracked. Just a small sip from the tea and a cereal bar and your ready for your run.

And it is so good, there is nothing to compare with. Unfortunately it's getting dark and you have to get down and go home. When you're at home you treat yourself with a refreshing shower and a tasty pizza. Afterwards you go and meet some friends for a beer in your favourite pub. But you are not going to stay long, as you already know you have to get up early.

And you know what's best about it? You are going to have another great day up in the mountains tomorrow because it's weekend! There is still a lot of powder to catch the other day!

The next morning you wake up and the sun is already shining, you can't wait to get on your skis and up the mountain. You still have an ascent of about 2 hours in front of you, but you don't mind, because you already know it's gonna be worth it.

Up and up you go and you realize the snow is pretty good. You stop by, take a deep breath and enjoy the view. There is nothing better than a mountain view. And then you reach the top. Get of the skins and get ready for the descent.

You draw the first lines down in the fresh snow. That's what you've been longing the whole week for and thats what gives you motivation and energy to get through the next week.

For me this is one of the best things for stress relief. When I'm up in the mountains there is nothing else that counts.

How does the perfect weekend look for you? What do you do? What kind of weather do you prefer? Tell us below!

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