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Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out – Powered by Elan

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

Last month, Outdoor Chicks hosted the first Ski Day Out of the season. But this year was a little different to previous ones. This time, the crew from Elan was there to let us test their skis.

Truth be told, I’m actually a snowboarder. However, this season, I decided (somewhat reluctantly) that it was time to expand my horizons, so to speak! In short, I’m a beginner when it comes to skiing.

So far, I’ve managed to spend a good few days on the slopes (on skis) and to get down the piste without too many bruises. Now I’m on a mission to look less like dying canary and more like a real skier.

What better place to hone my skills than the Outdoor Chicks Ski Day. Seems logical, right?

Nonetheless, I was a bit hesitant about actually attending a ski day where I would be expected to… well... actually ski.

That morning, I woke up bright and early, groggily got myself dressed, and headed to the kitchen to get some fuel in for the day ahead: avocado on toast and a strong cup of coffee.

Once I had sufficiently woken up, I optimistically tossed my gear in the car and headed in the direction of Axamer Lizum, with a quick detour to pick up another Outdoor Chick.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the hill, put on our ski boots, and found our way to the ski-day meeting point: the Elan tent at the bottom of the Olympiabahn.

The Elan team were waiting for us with smiles and their latest top-notch range of female carving skis for shredding up the piste.

And, of course, some goodie bags, too!

Once everyone had arrived, I felt super pumped and hopeful that I might even progress from my ‘Bambi-on-ice’ moves to a teeny bit more confident.

Pre-ski prep

First mission of the day: grab a pair of skis. Everyone traded in their usual skis for a pair of awesome Elan skis to test out!

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

When that was sorted, we briefly introduced ourselves to one another. To my delight (or should I say relief), there were a few other beginners there, too!

Then all twenty of us gathered in a big circular for a quick warm-up. Definitely a good idea, since it was a super chilly day!

So, how did the rest of the day pan out?

Cruising the pistes – Elan-style

We split into two groups — beginners and more advanced — and headed up the Olympiabahn.

For the first run, we skied down ‘freestyle’ to get used to our skis and to get a feel for everyone’s level.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

After that, we did some practice exercises and got some individual tips from our instructor.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

We spent the better part of the morning skiing, chatting on the chairlift, and getting to know each other.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

While picking up some much-welcomed skiing tips along the way.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

By lunch, I was pretty tired and delighted to have made it through – relatively unscathed, apart from one fall! – and ready for some mountain grub.

After our late-ish lunch in Hoadl House, there was only enough time for one last run. We headed down the long blue at Axamer Lizum together – novices and pros.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

Finally, the day ended with a short presentation from Elan to learn more about all the amazing technology that goes into their skis.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

Then, sadly, it was time to say goodbye.

Outdoor Chicks Ski Day Out

Be sure to check out the short video of the event below!

More about Elan

In case you don’t know them, Elan is a Slovenian outdoor sports company with over 70 years of experience building awesome skies, ranging from all-mountain to freeride.

Their motto: Always good times.

Check out their latest equipment, including plenty of women-specific gear, on their website.

Did you miss out on the event?

Have no fear! There will be another Ski Day Out soon! The next piste skiing event will take place on 22 Feb at Glungezerbahn. Hope to see you there ;)


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