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Outdoorchicks go Crankworx Innsbruck 2018 – the Girl’s Shred

Hot summer days, badass guys flying through the air on bikes, party atmosphere, food trucks, and people who are stoked on bikes – that was Crankworx Innsbruck 2018.

Of course we had to join this unique outdoor event, and bring some of the Outdoorchicks spirit in form of women specific side-events during one of the biggest mountain biking festivals in Austria.

📷: Severin Wegener

Right on the first day, just before the Pumptrack Challenge the girls of Crankworx could sign up for a Tech-Talk in the Crankworx Expo Area followed by a group shred on the trails of Innsbruck Bikepark in Mutters, Austria. During the Tech-Talk the ladies got a quick inside into the world of mountain bikes, different types of bikes and how they work, which was presented by Sylvia Leimgruber. From there we collected our motivated group of ladies and headed towards the gondola and “The First One” trail in the Innsbruck Bikepark. Our group consisted of all flavors of lady shredders, from motivated beginners to experienced riders, or even mountain bike guides – all sharing the stoke and love for mountain biking.

📷: Severin Wegener

After the challenging, rooty and slippery sections of “The First One” trail our Outdoorchicks crew made it to the brand new “The Chainless One” trail, which definitely lives up to its name. On the 3,5 km long trail full of flow, fun berms and hips we had the chance to pick up many helpful tips from our guest rider Karin Pasterer, who did her fair share of DH racing and also participated in other way bigger Crankworx events before, like the Whip-Off in Les Gets or the famous Air-DH in Whistler. Thanks to the talented photographer Severin Wegener who took the time of his day, we combined the Girl’s Shred with a photoshooting – which made us feel like the real mountain bike pros.

Because how often can you tell your friends that you had your own photoshoot during one of the most famous mtb events in Europe? And also finally have some pretty pictures of yourself in the action! After the first run, the stoke was so high we decided to give it a one more go – practice what we have learned and enjoy some more of the woohoo in the woods and flow on the trails.

📷: Severin Wegener

If you would like to see more photos from our shred, visit the Outdoorchicks Facebook page. Massive thanks to everyone who made our Girl’s Shred possible, and hope to see more of you next year, or during one of our upcoming events!


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