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Event: Bike Workshop presented by Bikmo

We love to do events, many of them and in various sports. That is why we decided to organize Bike Workshop for women. MTB is becoming very popular, with thousands of people heading off to play in the woods every weekend and women´s are not exception.

However as the most of us, you normally start with friend/boyfriend or at some festival, therefore many of us lack the technique. That is why we have decided together with our MTB Guide Antonia Dolezal to share our downhill skills with a group of motivated girls. The will to learn and to improve was high, no limits were set and despite the constant traffic, we made it! With a smile on our faces, we all did an introduction round to get to know each other. Once again, a variety of nationalities and background stories were present in the group.

As it cannot be missed, some warm-up exercises were the kickstart of the training.

Afterwards, the session continued with some games to practice balance on the bike, and well, it was also a chance to memorize all the new names. The session moved on to a set of

exercises for doing closed turns, first starting with a wider radius and then trying some slaloms with smaller turns. Antonia gave us great personalized feedback to achieve perfection in our bike position and make it better on each try. Do not forget to always look to the inside of the turn! We did not hesitate to repeat and repeat the exercises until we got it! It goes without saying that these girls were tough. Finally, we gathered together to chat on and thank the girls who made that event possible.

First of all thank you, Antonia, for your time and knowladge! Secondly huge shoutout to our partner BIKMO who offers the best insurance for your babe (Bike). Check out more on their website.

And guess what?! The next day we were able to get our skills down on the Muttereralm Bikepark trails!

All in all, not only did we take some good tips home for further practice, it was also one more opportunity to connect with like-minded girls who share the same passion for biking.Good vibes and a positive attitude could be perceived from the first moment and that was the key for an enjoyable afternoon with our bikes. We cannot wait for the next OutdoorChicks event so, if you were not there last time, make sure you save the upcoming dates!


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