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Would You?

“Hey, ma bitch, listen, wouldn't you be interested in writing something for us? I think you have what to share <3.” This is how the idea came up from my best @tacohotline. The question I asked myself “do I really?”. Might be, might be not. But let's start somewhere and somehow. I think I should write something short and not too deep about myself when introducing. So, I am 28 years old, hater of boredom, lover of sports and fun, currently living in Iceland. No nicknames (not able to be published only), so Sára is the only way. Nice to meet you.

You might stop when reading the part “living in Iceland”. At least those who love sport, nature, travelling and exploring. And because this is my first article for you let's write a bit about how I got here. One of the reasons why I moved here are things I mentioned above. And it still works for me here. I lived and travelled to many places around the world in the past 10 years, but this is a place that keeps me entertained. Honestly, exact answer why doesn't exist. Can say, it's a mix of everything that is going on here in the everyday life of human beings.

Neverending paths

“Why and how Iceland?”.

I've been asked this question so many times. No, it doesn't bother me at all but always trying to find the shortest answer. Cause I can talk a lot and I know it. Funny is that I am able to talk only when with closest and don't like to talk about my past, in that case, I am rather watching and listening quietly. Those who know me know. So let's give it a try haha.

After living for almost three years in Prague, where I moved from Finland, I worked as an “office rat” for one of the best sneaker stores. First as a Copywriter, later as Social Media Specialist, and honestly? I am thankful for an opportunity, but in that time I started to be so sick of it. I loved my crew, also my work and even a lot of people would “kill” for my job, it didn't give me that joy anymore. I travelled so much before, was always happy and satisfied with myself, but these times changed me. Changed a lot. It was kinda living from month to month (mentally and money-ish way), simply, I wasn't the same (me) person.

My ex-colleague - great tattoo artist btw, check her profile @kixarts on Instagram :-), went to Iceland once for sheep slaughter season with her boyfriend. Sounds a bit creepy to you? Yes, it is creepy BUT… Remember when she came back. Full of energy, experiences, happy! I was so proud of her, also when she decided to quit at our work (as a product photographer which can sound like a dream job too...) and do her own stuff. She wasn't mine “push the button”, but a year later we talked once at the bar. I remember she told me “try it, nothing you can lose. Even the work was hard it's a change I needed and you will definitely get it, girl.” So I applied. Never thought it could work. After a few months I got an e-mail that if I am still interested, I have a job for slaughter season (7-8 weeks) in a slaughterhouse in Iceland. I was just quitting my job in the sneaker store at that time and was about to start in a new company. But c'mon, I just had to do it! So I postponed my first day at new work about 8 weeks and left to Iceland for my very first time.

Calmest small town Siglufjörður

Luckily I never had a problem to travel or stay alone, so there was no fear in me. Maybe only SMALL one - how the F*CK am I gonna survive in a slaughterhouse?!!! I don't eat meat, but I am a pescetarian. I love animals and don't eat meat only because I don't like the taste of it. But I never saw slaughtering, always cried when watched those disgusting videos online. Ok, ok, not gonna keep writing about this, but overall, I survived and it was such an experience!

When I returned back to Prague I knew I can't stay there anymore. I started a new job, where everything was super nice - colleagues - work - clients. But while in Iceland I realised a few things. First of all, Prague is beautiful but too big and noisy for me (great when it comes to parties tho). There are no mountains and nature (no, I don't count parks as nature). My work was about sitting behind the computer or hold the phone many hours per day. Worked also during weekends (first job). The shitty salary for Prague lifestyle. And most of all, people were always shitting about something, never satisfied enough, never happy. Prague folks, don't get me wrong, this is just mine point of view.

And so I started to be looking for a job in Iceland. Intensively. I loved it there (here). Nature was super epic, people were smiling and taking care of themselves mostly. Everything was going in a kinda “accurate” way through my eyes. Things happened, I got a full-time job offer from the same company as I work seasonally. Luckily not in slaughterhouse anymore but stayed in meat area ofc. “The start is in the middle of March, interested?” Guapa, no problem! I quit my job, sold that something I owned, donated two boxes with clothes to the house for battered women and moved to Iceland with one luggage and my snowboard board bag. NOT a lot of money in my pocket, NOT super happy at that time.

Best time for freeride in Iceland? Spring time!

It has been a year now and I cannot be happier. I met such an awesome people, experienced a ton and there is something new coming every day. Btw, I work for the company as a shift manager but I also kept a little of what I still like to do - marketing, social marketing, event organising and copywriting. Few hours per week behind the computer compare to many hours before are super enough. Sounds like a big difference compared to times before? Yes, might be.

You know that words “nowhere nothing falls to your feet” and you have to work hard to get what you want? True story tho, but gosh, I am thankful for everything I am now.

Welcome in a place I call home

Girls (guys?), go for it. I wrote this story for you only (short as I could haha).

I am sure and totally understand that some of you are not satisfied where you are now. Not at all. And that's just fine because we all have these moments in our lives. More important is that you can realise it, give yourself a kind slap and try to do everything that possible to change it.

I don't believe that if you are not trying it won't happen. No chance. It might not come asap don't forget that (but that would be a bit boring, wouldn't be?).

Next time something about Iceland, where to go freeride, what to see in a non-touristic way? Or where sport got me or mine, dark times in life? Who knows. If you liked this piece of online paper, leave a comment, will be happy :-)

Trust and love yourself, you are your own best version <3.



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